The Mitkees group was founded by Engineer Abd El Rehim Mitkees in 1973. The company started as a small envelope factory in downtown Cairo. In 1984 we expanded & diversified our operations to include Paper trading and converting. Beside our envelope operation in Cairo, our company built the first premises in Egypt using fully automated Bielomatik & W+D production lines to produce exercise books and envelopes directly from paper rolls. In 2012 we started building our third factory in six of October city to cover the growing demand on our business. By 2014 it was successfully running to its full capacity to satisfy all our clients.

Our mission is providing the widest choice of paper products at the best quality and affordable prices to our customers. We take into consideration building solid and fruitful business relationships with our business partners in the most ethical manner. Also giving our employees; our backbone asset, a good working environment is on top of our list of priorities.